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I cant figure out what is actually signed 

Thanks for posting btw!!

It’s hard to say, but my guess is it is a cd cover that is signed. I saw someone on eBay listed signed Ozzy cd. 

Anyone know a way to get these shipped to US cheaper? About $30 for shipping. 

Send it by sea freight 

I dont see a place to change the options on how they ship. Just says postage and packaging and $29 and some change. Would this be worth paying over $70 for? I don't have an Ozzy autograph and would like one but missed the US preorder. 

If you want it buy it. Ozzy has signed a billion times but this is his new lp. Sea freight is only an option for heavy items instead of air cargo and you'd have to pick it up at the port.

I'll probably pass on this one I really don't want the cassettes. I know his health is getting worse so probably not the smartest choice. But I have no use for cassette other than if I resold them, or throw them away which is a waste, and these dont seem to be flying off the shelf, so they're probably not too valuable to make it worth the time to resell. Wish I could buy just the signed cd cover, and save on the shipping cost. But oh well. Not the first thing I've missed and sure won't be the last. 

Did anyone else get the tracking info for this and all it says is the 4 cassette prints and no mention of the signed cd, I've been looking to try to e-mail them but the contact e-mail doesn;t work 

Will be receiving Ozzy signed cd, four cassettes and badge. Confirmed to me. Don' t worry.



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