OZZY OSBOURNE (SIGNED Limited Edition Softpack CD Autographed Insert)

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I didn’t go through PayPal, just Sony. Got the refund and kept the CDs.

You did better than I did then, they made me send the order back, but I didn't want them so it was just as well. I just remember it was a lot of hassle to get anything fixed with them. It's been awhile but if I remember right, I had ordered more than one order and ended up giving up on returning the 2nd order because it was such a hassle. It's probably still sitting in my closet somewhere collecting dust.

If these are autopenned again (I can't imagine the result here will be anything good, quite frankly), I wouldn't even play games with these companies and their return policies. Just do the chargeback or paypal claim. 

172 left. These will be sold out by early tomorrow.. if you are still on the fence, this is your last chance to order 

People already got these up on eBay for $90-100 and up lol.

Passed on the last Ozzy and I am definitely passing on this one

Here for the big drama show in October

This is a big name and no way will he sit down and sign 5000 items. My guess is 4 different autopenned items. I passed on this but good luck to all. . 

Ha! Dude, that was totally a sign! I didn't receive one of those at any point over this past week, but I went ahead and bit the bullet, anyway, just in case.

As you--and I think it was probably Jason H I read here couple days back making that same point--say, The Ozzman is likely to be pretty goddam immobilized for a good while during his convalescence from this thing, and so if he chooses, will have ample time to do this right this time round, in penance for having done it wrong last time round.

We'll just have to stay tuned. Absolute worst case is, what? We got stuck paying a few bucks extra for the new record from one of the most badass musicians in the history of rock and roll? I've dealt with worse things.

I asked kontrabrand if this is hand signed by ozzy osbourne and answered.:

Yes that is correct

There's a few things in this thread I'd like to comment on. Firstly , Ozzy is undoubtedly at least healthy enough to sign autographs. Doubting his ability to do so is silly , although sitting for long periods of time may be uncomfortable for him , he's still able to sign plenty in numerous sessions if these CD's are legit (which is being promised by the Ozzy camp , and they're sold out already.)  I've seen the people mention "7000 copies signed" and I have NO idea where or how anyone gets a number. It's also worth noting that the shipping date of the CD is a month later than the album release , probably to give him time to catch up to the orders waiting to be signed.  My greatest wonder is about the patient number 9 vinyl (crystal clear 2-LP).  I ordered Ordinary Man on the first day of pre-orders in 2020, I never saw any mention of signed things included until the shipping/release date , I was emailed ,and surprisingly received a very legit signed lithograph with Ordinary Man's Deluxe vinyl. Im DYING to know if that same thing is going to happen with Patient Number 9.  I pre-ordered this time at 1AM Friday morning , only an hour into the pre-orders being available , so I know I have a very good chance to receive a signed lithograph if they do exist.  

He was in better health when the last release came out and he still used autopen on sll the CDs. The only things he actually signed as far as I know we're the vinyl and I believe the UK ones... I could be wrong on the UK ones, but all I'm saying is he chose to do autopen last time on most of them and refused to admit it, so I don't know why he wouldn't do it this time when he's in worse health... but I hope for the sake of the people who ordered that these are real this time.

That's true about the last album , but we should remember also , that this album has been done for quite some time. He's had the time , months now to be exact , to get things signed. As serious as his recent surgery was , it's worth noting that he also was released from the hospital within 2 days , so his health isn't as rough as it seems news wise . I hope the best for those waiting on the CD's too. Again , I'm just hoping for something special amongst the new vinyl myself.  The lithograph surprise last time was emotional to say the least , for a massive fan like myself. 



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