easy pickin' but read the description.

Does anyone know of this Ace person who worked for PSA and now on his own? Or is this also a bogus statement?


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Looks like it was signed it a toilet bowl (flushing). 

ya but but

it has a COA

insert emogy LMFAO

The Rick Wright is extra special 

I'm more interested to know who this ex employee of PSA is

That cert is the thing IN the toilet bowl... 

Ha Haaaa charade you are!

I know who is ace is ,he used to play in kiss this is his day job now authenticating graphs

then he better hope Kiss employs him again 

this is some serious pooper-scooper stuff

Here's another special one and only asking 10K


I've noticed Australia has really been getting more involved

And here would be a craftier attempt but still forgeries





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