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Excellent post - great examples - appreciate your time and effort.

How does this look to you? 6DB98720-0BD1-492D-BE49-7ECE9648926B.jpeg

JPC3342, not Real!

Slowly Signed, this Handwriting is not Tupac´s hand.

Im with these guys, Is it certified??

Here I also found a few examples.
At that time I was also cheated on with such an autograph of Tupac, because at that time I had no idea at all.

No Problem :)

yes exactly the same garbage

I have been dying to reply to you two guys for days now. Hi My Name is Chase and I have been waiting to be accepted by this awesom bunch of like minded individuals for 3 days now, more like 2 days but whos counting, so I could reply your very intersting and valuable insights into The Tupac Phenomanan that has plagued us since roughly 2010 and appears to be taking over the certification world and has me scared shytless that this is already happening and the wave is too big too stop - I too have a set of these . I was gutted I read the article the day they arrived - lolll Hows the timing - We I thought all my prayers had been answered. Now I'm just as upset if not more now thank thye last 5 years put together - I too am a Hip Hop Pac collector and have been keeping tabs on the industry as a whole for a long while now but have only recently surfaced for lack of a better word. Good Morning or Evening, Its a pleaseure to meet you. Lets banter  

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Hi and welcome Chase
Did you buy the 2 autographs in the photo ?

Yes sir I did 

I was looking at them as I was reading your responses in disbeleif 

Dammm bro - sux hard!

Im just trying to get my head around navigation here I prob should of PMd you..

ahh that's annoying
I hope you have not spent too much money on it

Sadly a bit of money - but more pride - I was sure they were too good to be true - Same old adage. But could not let them pass without closer look and being all the way round the world it s a tad difficult - Im in OZ.



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