PART 1: Tupac Amaru Shakur - 2pac forgeries - Small photos and Agfa Prestige paper. Early 2000s.

Early 2000s SMALL PHOTOS Tupac Amaru Shakur - 2pac forgeries done by the same person.


Today I will try to stop people from getting ripped off on buying not authentic Tupac hand signed photos. That's first part of the "Shakur forgeries" I will write exclusively on this forum.
Most of these signed photos were "certified" by fake company N.Y.A.C.C. also using Death Row Records logo illegaly. N.Y.A.C.C. never existed and this is bogus random address in New York City. Some of these also has Tupac picture on the certificate.

All of the photos are printed on AGFA Prestige paper which was introduced in late 90s.. I mean 1998-1999 - later they introduced AGFA Prestige digital in early 2000s. So thats next factor saying that all of these signed small photos are forgeries done by the same person and were printed couple years after Tupac death in 1996.
To be clear Death Row Records NEVER EVER ! issued certificates for their artist signed memorabilia. That must be clear that any Death Row COA accompanied piece will be not genuine.
Below You can see most of these forgeries that I downloaded from to show that everything is just a big scam. Also if You will see one of the photos below with Snoop Dogg and Pac signature and inscription - " Me & Snoop most wanted" - to be clear that photo was taken on MTV Music Awards in New York City ON SEPTEMBER 4 - that's 3 days before shooting ( SEPTEMBER 7) that will lead to Pacs death on September 13... so how it was possible to get it signed by Pac? ---> 0 percent chance. Also if You will look at other pieces You will see Snoop and Suge Knight autograph is not genuine too.

Everything that I am showing you now was signed in the same hand, I will leave these just here to prevent people from wasting their money. I know that some if not most of Tupac biggest fans are young and mid age people spending couple hundred or thousand $$ could be a matter of eat better or got something from their idol which they think is authentic piece signed in person.
Next thing is actual date "printed" on the back of each photo. To do such thing you just need to give name to the photo (file) so photolab will print it on the back ... so it could be "1994.05.04" but that's not actual print date.. thats only file name given to the photo that was send to the lab to print it.

BACK OF THE ONE OF THE FAKE PHOTOS (date) printed -file name:

There are MANY other factors that I will leave for myself and I am sure that people who know Tupacs stuff will also easily spot other holes in that apple but I don't want to educate forgers about their fails.. also there is no similarity to Tupacs real handwriting and signatures, it's just penned by forgers hand.
Most of these photos were sold on ioffer and Ebay in early 2000s FROM AUSTRALIA and YES ... I was victim back then and I was cheated on couple of these pics before I started studying Tupacs life and handwriting I can just help people to not buy total junk .. that matters in my opinion also to keep Tupacs legacy alive and keep prices of genuine stuff high by not giving chance to the forgers to sell their stuff to impulsive buyers with not enough knowledge to judge about items authenticity.
Currently on Ebay we will find two of these forgeries from lets call it " SMALL PHOTOS SERIES". URLs below:

1) Sellers Ebay ID: ijoh4015 --->
and his Autographlive account        here: I am only giving his name here because of his update post that was public and people asked about photos .. I tried to react but that will lead to nothing. Also guy is from Australia.

2) Sellers Ebay ID: gettatpaper --->
- Photo itself was taken in late 1996 ( You can clearly see Tupacs Makaveli tatoo on his neck which he did in mid 96) but photo on the back is dated as printed in 1993 ..
- here You can see size of the actual photo and yes ... all of these from the same forger will be similar.


More about fake Certificates with Death Row Records logo or Tupacs photo on actual COA and false information.


---N.Y.A.C.C. (New York Autograph-Certification-Cooperation, 75 Rockefeller Plaza, New York City 10019) Lifetime Guaranteed C.O.A. (Certificate of Authenticity): 12/21/1997 (why? see info below!) ----> There was no such company registered in NYC.
Certificate Info:
"This is to certify that this special b/w photograph is a limited and numbered edition. All negatives have been destoyed upon completition. It was a gift with some dollars to homeless-people on special days; "thanksgiving day" or "christmas". It is to 100% proofed and authentic. ----> Death Row Records never did that kind of donations and as stated before they never issue any COA's for their artists signatures.
(many thanx to "Death Row Records" for this photo and support.
Size: ~2.76 x 2.36 inches (~7 x 6 cm) - SMALL PHOTOS as stated above !
Quality Agfa Prestige Paper w/ Date (06/20/1996) --> Date done as described above ! , Agfa Prestige was not on the market in 1996, it was 1998 earliest !!

I will continue this series and If I will find other examples, I will add them here. BE SURE there are MANY on the market and walls around the world so be careful.

I wish collectors all the best, 


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Excellent post - great examples - appreciate your time and effort.

Thank you. I will post once a week new thread about Tupac fake items. 

How does this look to you? 6DB98720-0BD1-492D-BE49-7ECE9648926B.jpeg

JPC3342, not Real!

Slowly Signed, this Handwriting is not Tupac´s hand.

Ugly fake my man. Not worth single dollar. Not Pacs hand at all. Stay Away !:)

Im with these guys, Is it certified??

Here I also found a few examples.
At that time I was also cheated on with such an autograph of Tupac, because at that time I had no idea at all.

Yeah...same garbage, thanks for the photos :) !

No Problem :)

yes exactly the same garbage

I have been dying to reply to you two guys for days now. Hi My Name is Chase and I have been waiting to be accepted by this awesom bunch of like minded individuals for 3 days now, more like 2 days but whos counting, so I could reply your very intersting and valuable insights into The Tupac Phenomanan that has plagued us since roughly 2010 and appears to be taking over the certification world and has me scared shytless that this is already happening and the wave is too big too stop - I too have a set of these . I was gutted I read the article the day they arrived - lolll Hows the timing - We I thought all my prayers had been answered. Now I'm just as upset if not more now thank thye last 5 years put together - I too am a Hip Hop Pac collector and have been keeping tabs on the industry as a whole for a long while now but have only recently surfaced for lack of a better word. Good Morning or Evening, Its a pleaseure to meet you. Lets banter  

Attachments (don't post photos as attachments):

Hi and welcome Chase
Did you buy the 2 autographs in the photo ?

Yes sir I did 

I was looking at them as I was reading your responses in disbeleif 

Dammm bro - sux hard!




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