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Just FYI, this was listed in stock on Sunday when I was looking around on Indigo. I didn’t post it because I knew the Indigo link had already been posted, but didn’t realize most/all had gotten cancelled. Anyway, not sure when it went up again but it was listed in stock as of Sunday afternoon. 

Ordered - used a Canada forwarding address. Thank you!

Indigo used to ship to the UK...have they stopped that now as not letting me purchase. Shame as I would snap this up otherwise. 

I couldn't find anything on the site that said what countries they shipped to but I went as far as payment and it looked like it was going to let me order one. it's kind of messed up if they don't ship there as they have a large section dedicated to the UK in their store lol


Went through Google to find their FAQ, not sure if still accurate since Joel was possibly able to check out as stated, but here’s what it says

Thanks folks, that would explain their change. Sucks!

There's also more to it than that - their market share has gone way down, and their stock price has tanked. Lots of doom and gloom centered around them right now because they've had a string of executive departures.

Them reining in some operations doesn't surprise me one bit.

I ordered from them back in July and my order seems to still be valid, must be a new change? 

The site redesign is awful - can't find what I'm looking for half the time. And the search function socks.

yeah, I agree and I liked the old site much better, some of the ones I got lately didn't even show up in a search and I only got them because they were posted here. 

Just got shipping confirmation from Indigo.



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