Hi there

Any thoughts on the value of the attached

many thanks


the above is a promo CD "oobu joobu" that came free with Flaming pie CD in the USA store Best Buy the autograph is above on the inside

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those links are confusing.  I suggest that you upload photos and you will likely get opinions. 

 4 pics

I would say 1200 on the Harrison, and 600-700 on the Paul insert.  A little more on the CD.


George looks kind of weird

its about 40 years old

I am not concerned with age, but with signature.

sorry but your wrong

just to clear up any doubt

all autographs are 100 % genuine

My brother works for Paul and has done for the last 35 years on his farm in sussex which is about 2miles from our farm.

George's autograph i got when I was I guess 14 maybe a little younger long time ago now as i am 53

He was sitting outside the crown & thistle pub in Northiam East Sussex in his car a big black merc. I was on my bicycle and was riding past and my mate said look its Mick Jagger ......I said no its George Harrison I rode over to him he was sitting in the back seat door ope with his feet out. I said your George Harrison he said smart lad yes I am I heard your friend say Jagger....and laughed....I asked if he was on his way to see paul he said yes...I asked if I could have his autograph he said yes but didnt have any paper so I went next door to Graham Browns grocery store and got a blank invoice and he signed that. dont forget those moments

I went to school (Thomas Peacocke in Rye)with Mary & Stella ...Mary was 2 years below me

the autograph to Heather was my late mother

I have met Paul many times from driving his car down the lane with Betrice  - to the chip shop with linda many many years ago in the village

Susanne said it looked a bit weird to her. She's not wrong. She's giving her opinion that she's not sure about it. It's appreciated here when members say how they feel.


thanks for the input steve and your +1 Eric

and as you say its her is mine that she is wrong

"signature weird" she put opposed to what 100's of other george harrison autographs  or just one in particular that she compares to as "weird" instead of perhaps asking how I got it

hence why I gave the history behind it and maybe that it was 40 years or he was in the back of the car when it was done maybe that is what makes it weird although compare to what

Unless she is a professional Beatles authenticator

I am sure another opinion will come ....with another Eric +1  LOL

here is my opinion.  That Harrison signature falls under the category of "no doubter".  I see no reason to question it.  Perhaps she could explain what looks "weird" about it.   I am willing to be open minded about it.



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