Any thoughts on this please?

Hope the upload works this time

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Yup the links works perfectly, I’m very new on Paul Mccartney signatures, I’m not knowledgeable enough to give an absolute opinion like others on this site. Mr, Cyrkin and BallroomDays67 are very knowledgeable on Paul’s signature, that being said I kinds like it, but please do not buy it on my novice opinion, like I said I’m very green with his signature so please wait for others to chime in


Also it should get a lot more traction if you post your question on the (is this real) section and not time square,

hope me this helps 

It this a copy of his signature? It doesn't strike me as live ink on paper.

I know. I hope its not a carbon copy on a receipt.

I will know when i pick it up

+1 carbon


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