Don't know if this has been discussed before but here it is...

Looking for input -- thanks...

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I’ve seen it before and think it’s a great letter in the sense that it adds to the previously accepted history of The Beatles.

Before it’s discovery it was just ‘They needed a drummer for Hamburg and immediately thought of Pete Best from The Casbah who had a drum kit’

It’s interesting to learn that they searched at least a little harder for a drummer.

yes I have seen it somewhere before as well and think its a great piece of history. is it on ebay?

Here is the story on the letter.

McCartney's letter was discovered in 2011, folded up inside a copy of antiques price guide What's It Worth?. The book was bought at a car boot sale in Bootle, Merseyside for just 50 pence.

The anonymous purchaser was a coin and antique collector from Bootle. He initially took it to the Beatles Shop in Liverpool, where he was offered £3,000, but took it to the Beatles Story museum to see if they would offer more to put it on display.

The museum declined to offer a valuation on site, but put him in touch with Christie's. It was auctioned in London on 15 November 2011 and sold for £34,850 pounds ($55,000).

I don't believe the "found in book" story. It either a convenient story for a stolen item , or by "finding It" one might avoid capital gains, taxes, etc. There are too many improbable finds of Beatles items turning up

I know exactly what you mean, people have their reasons of which we ultimately know very little.

I was a more than a bit dubious about that John Lennon acoustic guitar that was sold a few years back. The previous story was that it had been stolen back at one of their UK Christmas shows if I remember correctly.

Nevertheless ultimately I’m happy that both that and this letter are accounted for.

then there is the drum head from Sgt Pepper found in an abandoned barn that went for over $1 million at auction....

I saw this when it came out. Classic piece of early Beatles memorabilia....

Thanks everyone..

Great piece of history!!



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