I think it looks good. What does everyone else think? Thank you

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It looks very good to me.

This one is on eBay, and a great real example.

Looks good to me!

with all of the "thumbs up" this photo has gotten, you would think it would sell at that price.

800 bucks.


That seems a bit steep for a small 5"x7" photo.

Paul McCartney for a Nobel!

This one is back on eBay for $1,800 OBO. It now includes a Perry Cox COA.


I didn't see the dates here and as I read thru, I was going to jump on the $800 haha

Now I would say it's a bit high at $1800obo 


Overpriced for sure. Really nice signature. Not surprised though, normally people overprice their items with Perry and Frank LOAs...Then they sit on ebay for eternity. Still good to have their thumbs up, but this signature is really nice...Just not $1,800 nice. 

Some sellers set a high BIN price, but are willing to accept a substantially lower Best Offer. Of course, I don't know if that's the case with this seller.



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