Does this look ok?

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good attempt, but no. thumbs down

Has anyone gotten Paul on this short spat of dates this summer? Any stories as of his signing habits recently?


He's here in town this weekend, and wondering if it's worth even bothering.

Pretty solid "Paul" on it.  But it falls apart at the "M".  Notice that his "M" starts low and gets higher with each stroke.   It should be the other way around.  The first stroke on his "M" is normally higher than the other 2 strokes.   And the rest of the signature is just sloppy.    Just my 2 pennies.
agreed. the "M" is inconsistent and the baseline is a mess.  It also almost looks like there is a break in the M, which he never does.
No good but James is right at a good attempt.  I got McCartney in Detroit last weekend.  I got him when I was given a private tour of Motown Records Museum.  He was nice as usual but really caught off guard.  He did not sign landing or taking off. 
roger, how much of his name did he sign?  he has so many variations now.
Bad attempt. Bad autograph.



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