Would someone take a look at this just ended auction--this guitart is claimed to be signed by many of the rarest autographs--including Paul McCartney, madonna, Bono, The Edge, many more...my OPINION is these are nice forgeries...but just in case I missed out on the bargain of the decade and anyone thinks these graphas are actually real.. what's your opinion lol




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You didn't miss out on anything. These miserable forgeries are probably from Gallery of Dreams, the source of the forged guitars sold by American Royal Arts with these fake signing photos: http://live.autographmagazine.com/photo/albums/american-royal-arts-...

They used mostly S-101 guitars. In fact, I've only seen a few S-101 guitar with genuine autographs on them. You did well missing these.

Here's an image of the guitar for everyone to enjoy. Click to enlarge...the pic is huge:

Thank you steve...this person also has a signed Eagles takamine--but its the WRONG model not the right one they signed for Walden Woods...I think the eagles is also a forgery.. same  red tag same source.... I have gotten merle haggard myself many times and the M is wrong on this guitar and--never saw him LOOP the front of the M on anyone's real graph...that "Bono" doesnt match my in person..Joe perry---it is sigend Joe PRERRY he doesnt write an R after the P in perry. misspelled forgery lol..thanks for the verification..the seller said she is going on the info given when purchased "authentic" coa (bad one)... someone DID study real ones to put this up for sale...

This is not even close to the real autogaphs from these artists. But I'm not sure if it's from Gallery of Dreams, I thought they were better than these.....

Amercain Royal Arts we all know one of the worst stories of all time..charging big money,,, expensive catalog---for almost if not all forgeries of very high end items....people with no conscience.. I knew whe nI got their first catalog years ago something was wrong....so many signed Doors albums....more than existed in the whole world that were real..and they had 8 lol



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