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I bought this item several years ago.  I'd like to get some opinions about it's chances of being authentic.  I bought it from a company named "Grafferman Autographs.  I know little to nothing about them.

I did some online research to look at authentic examples of his signature.  My reasearch was inconclusive.  It looks pretty good.  But I'd still like to get some fresh eyes, and minds  on this one.

Anyway, I'd appreciate some feedback on this one, if you would be so kind. 


Patrick Michael Bratcher  (Mike)

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Hi Eddy,

Thanks for your response.  I contacted the owner, and explained the situation to him.  I told him I had a lifetime guarantee on the Newman autograph.  He said that he would honor the refund guarantee and get my money back to me as soon as he received the photo back.  I'm sending it back.  We'll see.

Also, I have a Elizabeth Taylor autograph that I bought from Rutland Autographs some time ago.  I opened a discussion about it's authenticity early this morning, about 2 am.  I haven't gotten any opinions.  I'm hoping that I didn't offend anyone in the club with something I wrote or didn't write.  I certainly had no intention of doing anything like that.

Anyway, if you could give me an opinion on the signature, I greatly appreciate it.  It's in the discussion section.  I'm still pretty new to this organization.  I haven't fully learned the ropes yet.  But I am making a good effort to fit in, and get along with everyone.  Thanks, Mike Bratcher.

I'm glad to hear they're refunding you. 

Some dealerships would not do that simply based upon opinions of fellow collectors...so that's something!

Did you look at the "Elizabeth Taylor" signature?  I could use some feedback on that one.  

The seller is a UACC Registered Dealer, and an AFTAL Registered Dealer.  I would think it's  legit.



Not an authentic Taylor. Check the thread - the Terms are a red flag.

Well, I'm sorry to hear that.  I don't understand "Check the thread," or "The terms."  I guess I need to get a book about detecting fake from authentic signatures.

Thanks Eric,


Most welcome. I meant to check the thread about the Taylor. The Terms refer to Rutland's return policy. Detecting forgeries and recognizing secretarials is something that takes a very long time and a tremendous amount of observation.

Thanks Eric! Thanks for adding a touch of clarity to my saddened state of fogginess

I'll get with Phillip on this one.  From what I know of Phillip, he's a pretty stand up guy.  Maybe we can work something out.

Taylor's a "biggie!"  There no room for error on any of them.  But I super especially want to be clean on the biggies."  They cost more!  And they sell for more!

They don't get much bigger than Ol' Liz!  Oh, excuse me, Miss Taylor.  She has always been one of my favorites.  No disrespect intended.

Funny, I sent that one to Piece of the Past for authentication.  I got a COA on it from them.

Thanks Gentlemen,


No problem Patrick. Piece of the Past is a source to avoid IMO.

Here are my vintage Taylor (C. 1950) and Burton (C. 1949):

Click for full images:

Hi Mike - I did reply earlier on the Elizabeth Taylor thread you started and shared my opinion on it there.  Not sure if anybody else has there up to now.

What was your opinion?

It's a fake... No doubt whatsoever in my mind.

Thanks Eddy, I'll yank it from the site. I want a good Liz Taylor!

I want my site sqeeky clean.  That why I'm doing this little house cleaning.  I may end up poorer after all is said and done.  But I'm gonna have a good reputation!  That's very important to me.  I want folks to know that's the way I do, and will do business!

I can't undo the mistakes I've made.  But I can learn from them, not repeat them, and move on up, or down, or whereever.  It's gonna be clean, and good.

Thank again guys!




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