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Any thoughts on these signed CD's off eBay?

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The McCartney image is too low quality to tell.

The Ringo signed in blue doesn't compare favorably to the one printed upper left in the CD cover. I would be surprised if Ringo signed it.

Any reason you think they are fakes?

I appreciate all who take the time to read this…. Thank you as well Steve. I have posted this here and on it's own. Hope that's not a problem. It's my first time here.

Hello to everyone and thanks to the moderators for allowing me to become a member of this fine community. I’ve heard good things about this forum and I support it. As well, I respect everyone's opinion about anything signed or reportedly signed by any or all members of the Beatles whether I agree with their assessment or not. It’s clear you care about authenticity and you should voice concern anytime something strikes you as odd, or not consistent with what you feel is authentic. It’s what this forum is all about and to put it in plain language, it’s a good filtering place. Every autograph we own or have owned that was not signed for us in person by the chosen artist, was purchased based solely on our opinion and likely the supporting opinions of others to the point where you feel comfortable owning and investing in it. It’s not rocket science, its basic common sense in protecting your fun and your investment at the same time. 

The two Ringo Starr signed CD’s in question here are the subject. Yes, I did offer them for sale on Ebay where they did sell very recently. I will discuss those shortly.

Over the many years, I’ve offered 100’s of signed items by the Beatles and solo Beatles. Most involved in the hobby and field of collecting the Beatles either know me, know of me, or have at least heard about me in some way. Doing this for 38 years will do that if you try hard to do what is right the best you can. Those who do know me know that I care very much about the authenticity and integrity of any item I ever sell and render a positive opinion. And that includes any signed items I offer as well. That is why I do, and always have offered a complete lifetime guarantee for any item I sell period. It’s the best I can do not witnessing the signing myself in most cases. Indeed, no ‘letter of authenticity’ by anyone is what makes any item authentic. Not Myself, Not you, Not Frank, Not PSA, Not JSA, Beckett, Global, ……NOT anyone period. The item actually being authentic is the only factor that truly makes it authentic and we do our best to get as close to accurately making the call as we possibly can. And those in our chosen field have the responsibility to do our best to put all of our experience into use when examining any signed item bearing the claim of being signed by any member of the Beatles (or any artist you collect, study or offer for sale.)

It’s my position that nobody on earth now or ever has been 100% accurate 100% of the time when making a judgement call about every autograph presented to them for examination in all of their tenure and experience. It’s simply not possible. We can only do our best based on all of our experience and by consulting with others in the field for their opinions. Because ‘ opinions ‘ is all we can ever offer UNLESS we ourselves obtained the autograph IN PERSON or WITNESSED the signing of the item in front of us and in person. That is the ONLY 100% accurate accounting for any claim of a 100% positive absolute authenticty. Short of that, it’s left to our experience and knowledge to do our best to make the right call. This is true of anyone who writes a document and voices a claim of authenticity for anything signed by anyone. Even when obtaining a signature by somebody who ‘ claimed to get it signed themselves ’ carries with it, an element of risk. That cannot be removed. It can only be minimized to a comfortable level.

They say a person’s signature is a science. Well, I know my own handwriting changed a lot over the years. Indeed, the science of my own handwriting now is not at all comparable to what it was long ago. In addition, I also know I’ve signed documents and my books, etc, many times in a stressed or ‘ less than ideal ’ circumstance wherein my resulting autograph came out a bit odd, or to the left or right of center/convention to what is considered to be the conventional norm of somebody’s signature. Situations like ‘ signing on the run ‘, or ‘ signing out the car window ‘ or signing on any unstable surface. These are just a few of the circumstances often encountered with obtaining autographs. We’ve seen signatures melt down a bit in integrity after signing too many in one sitting, etc.. So many factors can contribute to this.

So what do we do? Most collectors and authenticators simply pick the safest and most conventionally accepted examples of a given autograph and rule out all others. It’s safe, but it’s not always accurate. Many good one signed in less than ideal or in stressed circumstances get tossed out when they were actually authentic. And of course, I don’t blame them for that. I’ve done that too. But authentic examples can and do fall victim to that practice.

Now that brings me to the two signed Ringo Starr CDs recently sold and approved by me and approved by Frank Caiazzo as well. And in fact, Mr. Caiazzo did approve them. Indeed, prior to listing I did note they had some variance from others I’d seen, but I’ve seen variances like this before, so I sent them to Frank for his opinion and he came back with a positive result without hesitation. It was a simply case where he likely signed in a less than ideal circumstance resulting in them being a bit different from the ones he signed during a controlled environment signing. In this case, likely at or near the time of the NYC signing in 2003 where he was known to sign mostly at the FYE store ( a controlled environment), but a few on the fly as usual for a Beatle and it’s those that can be a bit off sometimes from the conventional. That is why the signature differs a bit from the printed one on the CD booklet itself. Of course, we all know Ringo no longer signs for fans at all (since 08) save for extreme rare occasion or his official licensed artwork. I also contacted Frank again today and he confirmed his opinion about them. The autograph field is unlike any other. In other fields, you can bat .400 and you are considered great forever. You can heal some sick and lose others, but are you ‘ the best in your field!’…. In the field of autographs, you can accurately authenticate 10,000 items… but if one happens to get by you, it can result in a good reputation being sullied. It’s a shame, because I always liked working with others on this field to make it better and safer. Strength in numbers, etc.. that kind of thing. Instead, it seems too many are just waiting to pounce on even the good guys. Nature of the beast I guess. I’d like to see it changed. Us good guys can be victimized like anyone else. The crooks and frauds don’t care one bit about anything but hitting and running with a fast buck. They just change their name move on and keep at it. We keep chasing and shooting them down as best we can. As long as there is money in this, it will be like that. Just like every other collectible of value in the world.

I will sum this up this way… It was stated earlier in this blog that I never called myself an expert. That is a fact. I never have. I’m only, as we all are, students of the subject and still actively ‘ in practice ‘ learning as much as I can every day to become better and better at it. I will say this firmly and anyone who knows me knows this about me as well. I try very hard every day to be completely up front and honest and fair in all my dealings just as I would like to be treated. You don’t stay in this field for nearly 40 years by not treating people right. I will once again, reiterate that I will stand behind any autograph I ever sell to anyone. I’ve seen some authenticators who only kick and scream if you ‘ challenge their respected opinion ’. I’ve seen this even when presented with indisputable facts. That is not me. I desire to be better and to learn. It’s why I wanted to join today. Not only to express my position and feelings, but to hopefully work with the community to make it safer out there. Not to attack the good guys, save that for the crooks.

Anyway, I will add that the closest person I know in this field close to enough to being called an expert is ‘Frank Caiazzo’. That is why I consult him from time to time with any item I have a question about including these two CDs. He is considered by most everyone the best in the field of Beatles autographs. I also deal in other autographs and artists as well. Beach Boys, Alice Cooper, a host of others. I also sell just about any good Beatles memorabilia, records, etc. from around the world. Frank ONLY studies Beatles signatures and has for over 30 years now. He specializes in them specifically. You can ask just about any long term respected firm about him and you’ll likely get the same answer. Most who do offer authentication services are not specific to Beatles only. Frank is. To me, that means a lot and always has. But does it make him 100% perfect all the time, every time all the way back? No, nobody gets that claim save for the one fan or collector got it signed himself. Even then, he’s only ‘the expert’ to himself for that one item and if he sells, the next owner will have to ‘ believe his accounting of events ‘ about it.

The field of autographs can be a dangerous experience for both the good and honest sellers who bear the responsibility of guaranteeing for life, and for the fan/collector who places his trust in him. You all have my pledge that I will always do my best to get it right.

I know this response is long, but It’s a most important subject. Once again, I appreciate anyone who took the time to read this. Your opinion is your opinion. And you can feel how you feel about any signature. Your opinion is valuable. Yes, even if you don’t agree with me or anyone else about it.

My very best and again, happy to be here to help when I can, and to learn what I can to help make it a safer environment.

Perry, thank you so much for taking the time and joining this forum. Thanks for your very informative answer.  

Thank you Daniel. Happy to be here.

Hey Perry...As we've said..when all autographs look the same...then it's time to ask questions. Glad your here!!!

Hi Perry,

Welcome...I'm very happy that you joined us! I hope you become a regular.

I only had a chance to scan what you wrote, but I'm looking forward to reading it thoroughly tonight. I look forward to talking with you here tomorrow.



Thank you Steve. Very glad to be here. 

That's strange. My reply from last night above and your reply to me didn't appear on my phone. Just my computer.

But it's nice to know that the problem wasn't me for once.

nice to see you here Perry I just joined yesterday but know of you from years ago at BeatleFest. I know a local Beatles expert who backs up your reputation also

Perry, I completely agree with you. I have a scientific background and no person can be 100% accurate.

Have you seen my recent McCartney autograph discussion? I am trying to authenticate a signed Kisses on the Bottom CD.

I’ve seen the Macca signed CD before and don’t believe that it’s authentic. The same goes for the Ringo signed CD. I’m aware that both have been authenticated.



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