Any thoughts on these signed CD's off eBay?

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Can you believe that, after all this time? They added a note that the inscription is in his hand(!).

It's disappointing.

I can’t recall what this sold for originally, but it recently sold on eBay for $2K and is now being offered by another eBay seller for $15,000.

Here it is alongside two other examples in this style:

This one ends today on eBay and it’s currently at $810.

Not good!!

The seller purchased a bunch of them. Ugh.

Where are these fakes originating from. Surely Ebay must be on to it by now.

Strangely, the seller also listed the Rubber Soul at the bottom right and it was removed by eBay. Why one and not the other?

The seller has 100% positive feed back. Selling the Abbey Road no COA buyer takes the risk. Does that statement cover them via Ebay. Not good.


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