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Any thoughts on these signed CD's off eBay?

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how is JSA on Macca? Paul McCartney Signed "Magical Mystery Tour" Album (JSA)

I think they got this one wrong. It looks like the forgery style shown in this discussion.

I agree with Ballroom. I read this entire thread again today.

I also hadn’t read through it in a while. One or two of the Maccas had been on eBay for quite some time, but I hadn’t seen any new offerings in a while.

One of the well known series of fakes.

It sold for $1,777.77. That’s less than what I would expect a real one to go for.

That’s ridiculous. The book signature is real and it sold for less than the litho.

I can’t recall what this sold for originally, but it recently sold on eBay for $2K and is now being offered by another eBay seller for $15,000.


Here it is alongside two other examples in this style:

This one ends today on eBay and it’s currently at $810.


Not good!!



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