The seller lives very close to bookends in New Jersey, which is where one of the book signings took place. The eBay seller has other signed book listings which makes me beleive that this is real, but I know he has different styles and I want opinions from you experienced. So do you guys think this is real? eBay seller is afiers87

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I was at the Bookends signing.  It sure looks like the one I got.

it's just that usually the 'D' loops back around...

I was at Bookends in NJ to. Looks just like mine.

ok, I looked at my book, it has a small loop n the 'd'.  He did sign 800 books that night, perhaps he got a bit tired.

I like this one.  Seems that all of his book signing are the same rushed signature. Is he doing anymore in the USA?

No, the signing tour stopped in December. I think. You could call this store where he stopped, but their online store says they don't have any. Most of the other places he stopped at were a Barnes & Noble.

I was in there a few days ago and they didnt have any more. I bought two but kicked one to my brother. Should have grabbed a few like I did for Allman.   




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