Few weeks ago I pre-orderer a Peter Mayhew dedicated autograph from Official Pix, It supposed to sign today at Fan Expo Dallas... unfortunately he passed away on tuesday. 

I´m very sad about his death... and i´m so sad too for loosing this opportunity for have his dedicated autograph.


So... I am trying to find a truly autograph and avoid forgeries. Please can you help me???

option 1


option 2


Opinions or recommend sellers are very appreciated

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My advice is to wait. No reason to rush and make a bad purchase, Mayhew autographs are not in short supply.

+1 This would be bad time to purchase IMO, for several reasons.

Thanks Eric! Today my frustation levels are over the moon... XP

I am sure, but waiting for things to level out will increase the likelihood of your satisfaction IMO, and at a sane price. There is no rush as mentioned, other than folks buying now because he died. Wait for that to pass.

Thanks Mike for your advice.

Please if someone found coincidentally any good item can you notify me? I am not good on finding sellers. thanks :)

I agree with Mike T,

Mayhew did a LOT of Star Wars shows and sold autographs and signed for a fee for many years. I sold the one I had in the $50 range about a year ago. Give it six months and I think you'll be able to buy for not much more than that.

 Thanks Steve ;)




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