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Hello - I am looking at purchasing this and wondering if anyone can tell me if it is real or fake? It has appraisal certificates from Schwartz & Sons in Chicago and a Certificate of Authenticity from the National Authentication Service in Baltimore. All advice appreciated! Thank you!

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Very very FAKE. Stay away.

Terrible fake

These are not even close to the real signatures from Pink Floyd. Please keep you money!

Do not buy! My Dad purchased multiple of these guitars thinking a coa with date signed and $3500 appraisal would be a great investment.......the seller sent the guitars promising their being authentic then turned around and used my Dads credit card to run another ad somewhere on the east coast so beware! Also the D in Davids sig is spot on to the Don Henley on the one I received!There is a link on here not sure where but it verifies my story!

That quite possibly is the worst David Gilmour fake i have ever seen. Not even ballpark

Lynn, do you know the sellers information??

If so can you post who is selling it and any address you may have. These are just ghastly fakes.


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