Hi all, new to the forum, happy to be here.

Can you please help me determine the authenticity of this listing -- specifically the Jim Morrison signature. I would like to buy this as a present for a friend if legit. 

All my best to you all. 



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It isn’t legit, unfortunately. I’ve never seen an authentic Morrison signature on that site. I’ve never seen a signed copy of that album either. An authentically signed one would be worth much more than that.

Many thanks. Having read some of the other posts I unfortunately thought this was likely the case but was hopeful. 

Are there any legit JM signatures that you know of for sale in the market today? I was hoping to purchase one as a gift. Furthermore, is there a list of "approved sellers" / websites that are reputable?

Much appreciated! 

The only ones I’m aware of that are currently for sale are on eBay and they‘re extremely expensive. Authentic examples occasionally turn up at various auction houses including RR Auction, Bonhams, Iconic Auctions etc., but less frequently than before. His signature is most commonly found as a check endorsement, but even those hardly turn up for sale any more.

Thanks! Yes, don't see any except the book on eBay for 33k. Will continue to keep an eye out. Unfortunately, there seem to be quite a few fakes which is a distraction. 

A number of red flags deems this fake. The “forensics” COA, selling on Etsy, every item the seller offers is framed and fake. These framed fakes are usually pumped out in Asia for mass consumption. Sorry, stay far away!

Much appreciated! 

Fantasy piece.

Run when you see something sold with forensic document expert papers. Autographs are like cop shows— forensic experts are found at the scene of a crime.

Legit forensic document examinations often take days, cost $1,000s, have many pages of exemplars and commentary.

Thank you.

Sorry, This is not authentic. 

Thank you.

Anyone have leads on an authentic JM signature? Would greatly appreciate it! 



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