Hello, I'm Daniele in Italy and I am trying to understand what a genuine Michael Jackson autograph looks like

everyone here has been very helpful. I would like to learn what an authentic Jackson signature should look like."

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Here you got some in aprox ages order:

1.- A 1970-1975 Mj Autograph.


2.- Both 1979 Mj Autograph.



3.- A 1979-1980 Mj Autograph.


4.- A 1979 Mj Autograph.


5.- A 1980-1983 Mj Autograph


6.- A 1981 Mj Autograph


7.- A 1981-1983


8.-A 1987-1990 Mj Autograph.


9.-A 1990`s Mj Autograph.


10.- Possibly a 2000`s Mj Autograph


not so sure about that last one, personally

I know what you mean, JSD. I think it's good, though. The right speed and characteristics. Just looks a bit strange.

This real :)

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Yes, in my opinion. It's being offered on eBay, isn't it?

Yes, I bought it :)

Congratulations! 2 people asked me about those autographs.

If you want, the smear can be fixed by a paper restoration expert, but if you do that, be sure to tell potential buyers if you ever sell. And don't try to fix it yourself!

I'd leave it alone.

I like it. As I understand it is autographed twice - once on the cover image and, after a smudge, again on the other side. The inside tiger image is likely less common signed and will make a beautiful display. I believe the price was good as well. I understand some good eyes have seen it. Good job Daniele!


+1 Agreed. This and the other two threads about the search - what a nice conclusion! :)

Very thanks, I did not know you could fix it, I'll think about it. Very thanks also washer, it was really precious, it gave a great help together with Eric.

This forum is fantastic!!!


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