Hi everyone!

As a huge Bruce Springsteen fan I think that we too seldom (at least according to me) get to see examples of his autograph here at AML. Many of the Springsteen collectors that posted here when I was a AML newbie doesn't come around that often anymore, which I think is unfortunate!

But anyway, I would really appreciate if you members that have a Springsteen or E Street Band autograph would be willing to show it to me in this thread!

I'll start, below is my mid- to late 80s Springsteen autograph. Bruce also added the very rare "Are you loose!", which he sometime said to the audience during concerts!

It's a fuller signature in great condition, without any smudge or other faults, and it has a full Roger Epperson COA.

I absolutly love this signature with the nice inscription and hope that you like it too! 

Come on now, let me see yours!! :-)

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I love these Ian, thanks for sharing!

Hopefully others will too!

Here is the first in person Springsteen I got.  The Ghost of Tom Joad Tour - Louisville KY


That's a great one Mark, appreciate you showing this!

AML members, please keep them coming... :-)

Here is a MUSE concert program signed by bruce

Fantastic early full signature Sling, thanks for posting!


Great vintage signature Jan!

Not one of mine but just came across it. Looks like a very nice piece for Bruce fans. Certainly signed before 1991.

wow great piece. is it for sale?

Amazing item!!

Perhaps it was almost cruel of me to post it. I haven't a clue what the autographs should look like but Bruce looks right from the examples above and getting the whole band on such a powerful image is obviously a knockout. The only downside is that the poster is a 1980s reproduction of the 1975 original.

It sold in 2012 on a movieposter auction website. The price was $1,161 (to be precise). The autographs were obtained in person before 1990. Here is a link if you want more info:




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