Hello everybody!!

I absolutly love when members here at AML post examples of beautiful autographs that they have in their collection. So I thought I should start a thread where everyone who wants, can post a photo of their favorite autograph and maybe write some info about why you especially like this one!

Hopefully some members will chip in!! :-)

Ok, I´ll start:

My favorite autograph is a 10x8 photo signed by Bruce Springsteen and Little Steven, Max Weinberg, Roy Bittan, Clarence Clemons & Gary Tallent from The E Street Band:

I wanted this so bad when I first saw it, because I´m a huge fan of Springsteen. But unfortunally me economy usually sucks, so it took me a long time to save up enough money to buy it. And every day that went by, I were worried that someone else would buy it before me. So when I finally bought it, I were extremely happy!!! :-)

Someone else??

PS. Sorry if this has been done recently, but I can´t remember seeing a simular thread. I know that there is a thread about the rarest autograph, but that´s not the same thing... :-)

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One of my beloved autographs is this Kraftwerk signed album "Doppelalbum".

It is signed and dedicated in 2013 to me  by Kraftwerk-mastermind Ralf Hütter, former members Karl Bartos and Wolfgang Flür and the current members Fritz Hilpert, Hennig Schmitz and Falk Grieffenhagen. Former member Florian Schneider is no more  available for signing.  Kraftwerk - one of the important musicians of modern music of all time.

Regards from Germany!

Here is my Kraftwerk 8x10:

Kuntsammlung Nordheim-Wastfallen, Dusseldorf, January 2013 with 3-D glasses. Very strong contrast and placement - also much neater than usual sigs of the last few years. From J-G. Click for full image. No intermission almost killed me! This show just mounts and mounts!

Mine is my Queens of Noise Runaway's record autographed by Joan Jett, Cherie Currie and Lita Ford. I bought it last week and it arrived Wednesday, I got the frame from Framemyrecord.com with a red and black mat and 99% UV Conservation Clear Glass and it arrived yesterday. Very rare item and my most valuable piece I own, definitely my favorite autograph now by my favorite band. 

That's a really nice one Samuel, thanks for showing!

Below is a link to my favorite: http://live.autographmagazine.com/photo/neil-armstrong-apollo-11?co...
That's a really cool display! Cool stuff Jan.
Thanks Samuel, glad to hear that you liked it!

Just went through every page of this! Some amazing items. Bruce seems to pop up almost more than any other it seems.

Yes, there really are some fantastic items shown here! And I agree, lots of love for Springsteen including my photo that I actually bought in 2013, had to sell it in 2016 and regretted it directly and then luckily was able to buy back a few month ago… :-)

I love that piece.  I am glad that you were able to buy it back, Cogo.


Thank you both Mike and Stephen, I really appreciate your kind words! 

Not sure if I posted this in the past but my prized possession is a one of a kind Thriller Japanese cover signed by Michael Jackson with the inscription:  "Biggest Seller of All Time"


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