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I recently found this old sheet music at my favorite second hand store here in Downey and the signature atop caught my eye.  Being born and raised in Downey,  The Carpenter's legacy has always been a welcomed familiarity. I graduated from their same high school and even met Richard once while I was a volunteen at DRMC where his wife was giving birth.  Lol

I know the local schools,  old acquaintances,  and such donate items to this store,  so it is a possibility.  And from what I have researched online it does look very similar to Karen's.  But I truly have no idea what I am talking about,  so I'm asking for any opinions anyone wants to throw my way. 

I was curious why the old sheet music and thought maybe it was from their high school band days?  Anyway,  please and thank you in advance! 

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Yes, I think that's Karen Carpenter! Probably an early signature

Awesome!  I was thinking it might be from her high school days as it doesn't seem to be an autograph but as if she was signing her name on her booklet to say that it's hers.  There's also notations made throughout the song in that same pencil.  

Now. . .What to do with it?  Lol And thank you for replying! 

I can’t make out the first name. It looks like there are two As?

It looks like there are 2 As but so much of the signature has her characteristics that I am pretty confident it's real. 

I've seen her write Karen with a capitol R, and her Ns are pointy at the top, not rounded. The print-style R at the end is how she always it, and then there's the open T.

So much there, but definitely not the polished package we're used to seeing from her.

Here is my Carpenters autographs from 1975.

Yeah,  I spent days on google researching her signature because I thought it was Karen's also.  It is so very similar in style but less generic.  I've looked back on my signatures from high school and same thing... Similar style but less generic. ( I am a nurse so I sign a LOT,  which has made my signature bland for sake of ease.  Lacks the flair from my younger days.) 

So,  quick question...  If I were to sell this,  does it being hers and not just an autograph make it more valuable?  I wouldn't even know where to begin,  so I might just keep it. I collect antiques but this is by far the most interesting find I've made. 

I know her middle name was Anne.  It's possible she signed her middle initial with it too. Or she was just experimenting with her own signature,  as kids do.  Lol


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