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Is a Prince autograph you're considering buying real or fake? Get opinions from collectors who study Prince here, preferably before you buy or sell.

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Looks good Bjarne.

You can see the forgers copying this style because it's easier to forge.

Very nice. You have some amazing pieces, Bjarne.

Here's a couple a pre cert, Rr auction Prince autographs.
Attachments: No photo uploads here
Two really bad fake prince graphs from antiquities, stay clear.
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The top prince album, i cant see it very well. The bottom album looks good.
Rr has it in their auction now and the description says from Mike werhmann, i dont know who he is but he has another item i found in the auction, that says obtained from Mike werhmann.
Who is he?
The Dirty Mind lp was sold on eBay a few month back for just over 1.000 dollars. To my knowledge it was signed at the instore signing that Prince had in Stockholm 1988.

Mike Werhmann is a very well known in person collector here in the us.
The prince, dirty mind lp is creeping up slowly, its at 2300.
The dirty mind signed lp just sold for 2524 at rr, then add the bp on top.

So about $3,100. It wasn't a  full signature, so that sounds about right for a sophisticated audience like theirs.

The other album reached about 900 dollars then add bp.
If you want one you have to pay for it.

And that was signed "Love God"

Yeah. Mike werhmanns, he had a lot of items in the auction,there were some good deals on the dylan lps.



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