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Forgeries of Secretarial Gleason's in PSA Honeymooner's Facts Page!!!

UGH! Now on The Honeymooner's Facts Page! What is that mans name - Kevin Keating? I will write him all over again. Once again they are showing more forgeries than authentics!

Look at these forgeries - of secretarials!:

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These are not even decent forgeries! Only the one made out to "Ralph" is by Gleason's 1970's-87 PA Sydell Spear! The bottom two are just stupid forgeries. 

This is the only authentically signed "bus" photo I have ever seen. And this is very neat for Gleason. Below are all known secretaries and corresponding dates as compiled by me and sent to PSA long ago. What changed to make them add these forgeries I don't know. They only had two, but they were authentic. Now...

Click for full images.

that bus photo is amazing, first one I have ever seen with an authentic Jackie

Isn't it?! I might have a scan of one other authentic, inside the apartment with Ralph and Ed, but I will have to check old drives. Those are the only ones I think I have ever encountered.

If you’d like, you could also include this SoCal forgery from the Ringo AutographFacts database. Then again, they apparently still don’t know that the Gem Mint 10 “finest on the market” Macca SP they authenticated is also a SoCal, so you might not get anywhere with it. Both are for sale on eBay, the Ringo for $1,575 and the Macca for $7,500.

Thanks. I remember those you mentioned/showed. I have to remind myself, at times, PSA is just a business with shareholders to answer to etc.. To remove that style, the Spear secretarial, would negatively affect nearly every Gleason/Honeymooner's item they have ever authenticated. It could appear they do not want that known. I can't believe they just don't know what they are doing because they removed the correct problem items last time I wrote PSA, so they know the differences.

That sounds like a lot of mistakes, but they should know better than to try to cover it up at this point after you laid it out for them. Thankfully, they haven’t added the Jimi Hendrix “Liz Shaw datebook” forgeries back into the database, but there were only a couple of those.

This forgery is soooo good. But not perfect - Ringo is selling a signed art book, and there are photos of the signature in the official store page. When comparing this forgery with the store page photo, the differences become noticable.

Are we viewing the same page?  I'm only seeing two exemplars on PSA.

It appears we can all breathe easy again!  :


Nope, they have these under "The Honeymooners" Facts Page, which I should have clarified. I do not recall if that was a separate page years ago when I did this work - my error. I was looking for what PSA Facts had of Carney and Randolph and found these forgeries there. Those two SP's on the Gleason page you linked, a C. 1960 and a C. 1946, are fine. The '46 is actually slightly more common. Thank goodness that main Gleason page is OK. It's these others...

Thank you Eddy, I have adjusted the thread title. I did not realize there are (now?) two pages for Gleason/Honeymooners. Very relieved the main page is OK but now to write PSA about these Gleason's on the Honeymooners page.

It sounds like someone who was unaware of your research may have unknowingly added the bad ones when creating a new Honeymooners AutographFacts page.

That is what I am thinking, as it might explain some being the same from the other page.



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