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How can this rushed McCartney signature grade a perfect "10" when there are so many better examples out there?  I'd give this a 6 at best even though the whole idea of grading an autograph seems silly to me. Just another way for dealers to charge more and replicate the  sports card grading industry.  

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+1, and it is said to be independant of the surface signed? LOL

Here is a true "10" with every letter readable. 

kinda like this one

Or this one
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I don't know one knowledgeable collector who takes autograph "grading" seriously. The grade apparently is based on how dark the ink is an how well it adhered to the surface. 

I've seen "10s" in dark spots with almost no contrast as well as rushed abbreviated signatures.

BUT, they ink came out of the pen well... so they are 10s.

My favorite was a Buzz Aldrin AUTOPEN signed photo that was in a slab... authenticated and graded a 10. :-O

This one is closer to a 10.

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