Purchased by my late father-- Kill Bill Movie Poster signed by 16 of cast

I have more close ups but I thought this was a good sampling to see if there is a consensus on this poster's signatures.  First time posting here, I'll have others, dad was a amateur collector.

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couple of more from same poster

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Hello, Sorry about your Dad. Also sorry to say I see signs this is all by one hand with 1 or 2 pens. I hope I am wrong. Others will hopefully chime in.

Thanks for your input ... I'll wait to see what others think before I do any listings.. Do you have any suggestions as to how I may improve the photos I take for opinions? I used the best digital camera I own, not a iPhone.
Thanks again for your opinion and kind words.

Hi again, I thought your photos were fine. Better than average actually. Flat on and good light and detail, large - you have this covered I believe :) If it was smaller a scan of course but this is fine.

I agree, Erik, with the 1 hand, 2 pens, possibly a third pen. There are tendencies common to all the signatures, the forger imparted his own handwriting into each signature and also signed them all in the same sitting, one after the other.

Thank you very much for taking the time to give your opinion !

That isn't michael madsens sig I know that much

Well then, why would someone add a forgery to a poster with good signatures. If one is bad then they all probably are.  Thank you very much for taking the time to give your opinion ! 

No not necessarily. Sometimes easy to get ones are good and harder to get ones are faked as part of a cast piece. The point I am making is I am familiar with Madsens signature specifically and can tell you it's bad. Your welcome

Understood. Thanks for explaining.

Hi again,

look at the two "r"'s in the lower right signatures. That says it all. Sorry it turned out this way.

Kind of looks like a poster I bought of Schindler's List from Inferis Online many years ago. The bold signatures that look like they haven't been rushed, evenly spaced, the poster itself looks in very good condition...which is to say nothing of the signatures themselves, which I am not very familiar with TBH. But it all waves red flags of being fake, unfortunately, which mine was.



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