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Excuse me for this but LOL YIKES 

2 pens, one hand. Awful, I'm afraid.

Freddie looks way off from what I have seen of his.  Figured it was a fake.  Most of these on eBay seem to be all fakes.

Well I'm being forced to look at many Queen items and taking notes

And Innuendo nailed this one..... +2 YIKES !!!!

Looks like Queen is making big waves lately and their movie is a huge hit around the world

I saw them back in the early 80's.... Ya a great show and Freddie is a great front man. Great stage show too. I miss the 70's/80's big shows

I actually thought about posting this in a ”Have you ever seen a worse set of Queen fakes”-thread, but never came around to it...

I mean, what happend there? Did the forger get multiple strokes while trying to sign the members names?

Glad you asked here before eventually bidding, there are lots of knowledgable members here (first and foremost Innuendo) that will help you stay away from the HUGE number of Queen fakes that’s hitting the market right now!

"I mean, what happend there? Did the forger get multiple strokes while trying to sign the members names?" You crack my up, Cogo! Hope the new year is treating you well, my friend. 

Goodcat, you've got that right. Queen is considered to be one of the pioneers of Stadium Rock in the 80s. I can tell you the 70s shows were fantastic but in a stadium setting, you could really feel the engery.

You got that right brutha

good times for us old bugger's back then. Well we were young pups back then hahaa

And yes Cogo.... looks like the forger had some kinda spazz attack when signing haha

@Innuendo and Goodcat: :-) 

The new year has started great Innuendo my friend, appreciate your kind thoughts! I hope the same goes for you and your loved ones!!

Good to hear and thanks ma man

somebodies 3 year old got carried away



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