Hello, is this queen autograph authentic? Thank you very much!

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There is an authentic Sun City programme that has been doing the rounds for a few years now from memory it did have some issues that has always kept the price down so this with the rub /smudge could be that one , I believe it sold three or four years ago for around $799 but wait for Innuendo he will know for sure 

Hey rogers, that's certainly possible. I've seen a number of genuine sets on these works programs with a smudge on at least one of the autographs, as the cover is smooth and allowed for the ink the stay wet for a few minutes after signing. These dont normally hold up well over the years, as the ink is usually still capable of smudging years down the road. But Freddie's value is so incredibly high these days, I have no doubt this and any other item with a smudge will sell for a hefty price. 

Thanks for your information. What value would you say to this item?

Based on recent sales for fully signed pieces, with the smudge and low visibility, the value is about 3 to 3.5K

Oops, sorry I missed this post. This item is genuine all 4 autographs look to fit the works era. 85ish.

I have 3 works programmes fully signed. One is also a Sun City 1984 programme but that one has a smudged Roger & Freddie. Other two are perfect.

Would be looking to sell the 1984 Sun City one if anyone is interested?

Why I cant see items in discussion? :(

I can’t see the one being discussed either. 



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