Queen on Ebay .......in my Opinion Fake .......but what do the Experts here think ?

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This one is legit.

..................but black Marker used in 78" .....that is the Point i do not trust......

It's completely real!!! Great signed album but price... Ridiculous!

i never saw before a complete Album signed with black Marker  in the 70`s...............

There were black markers in 78 and this is not the only fully signed genuine queen set in black marker from the time. This item is absolutely fine. Rushed. And not the prettiest example of their hands, but 100% genuine. 

I know the seller very well and he actualy doesn't wanna sell but if he does it has to be big money. 

And about the price... wait until the movie comes out... it won't be far away from what he asks.

yes  but the sigs look just ghastly even if they are genuine.  You could buy a set of beatles sigs for that amount of dosh

are you kidding? these are some of most beautiful Queen signatures Ive ever seen. 

I will be only too delighted to have to eat my words and to find it has been sold 

You have seen very few then...

yes, Ive seen alot.

Michelle is right! Even when the movie has come out, I don't think this album will worth more than 3000 euros.

Or, in other words, I wouldn't pay more than that amount of money for these signatures. Maybe when one of the others passes away...

I think prices for worn items by the band will really go up, but 2000 euros for this album is a good price now. Maybe 3000 after the movie. But that's all.
Well, I wish I were wrong!!!



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