Hello everyone I am new to this great forum.

I was looking at a Queen signed pictute but have no idea if those are real signatures or not.

Thanks if anyone could take a look.






This is supposed to be from a french photographer.

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Last two photos don't seem to be working.

None of these signatures are genuine, sorry. They are decent attempts but not genuine and that Brian comes from a common forger that's been heavily involved in the hobby lately. 

The M in Freddie and the B in Brian say it all. The Deacon is wonky too. Roger is too spaced out and blocky. Thumbs down indeed but this comes from someone who studied or traced them because they're not horrible.

Yes very decent attempts. The B in Brian does seem a bit shaky as well, so it could have possibly been traced. I often have to remind myself that atypical graphs shouldn't immediately be stamped "absolutely not genuine" (I am a big believer in the better safe than sorry motto), so let me rephrase here. This item has atypical characteristics and is not something I feel comfortable saying is simply rushed as it also shows possible hints of tracing. Those two factors combined leads me to say it's an unsafe buy. 

I agree. The Brian has the "humpback B" that was typical in a German forger's work last year. The guy that was offering all those fully signed singles if you know who I'm referring to Innuendo?

I do indeed. His Works singles are still being sold and resold to this day. Good eye, as he was exactly who I originally thought was behind this Brian.

Wow so many replies in such a short time, thank you all very much.

I have a couple more people say they got them in person in 1986.




What are you experts saying ?


Not genuine, and look to be signed by the same hand

Thank you. Also the single Roger signature is fake ?

The seller stated he sent the tape sleeves to Rogers agency adress and got them returned.

The single Roger signature is possibly the worst fake I've ever seen for him. It also doesn't look like any secretarial for him I've ever seen either. Sorry to say.

Thank you again. 


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