this doesn't seem to be bad, or is it?

Thanks a lot

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My main concern is that the photo appears to be an inkjet printer photo, and those came out 4 years after he died. 

Idk if it's an inkjet scan, but the item it's signed on is The Game inner album sleeve, Steve. I'm not a fan of the Freddie but John is also a bit atypical while the other 2 look to be good, so Freddie and John could just be rushed. I would advise waiting on a better example of their hand, personally. And as Steve mentioned, get more info/better photos on the item itself to find out (inkjet scan or not). 


The entire thing may be inkjet printed. Look at the jagged edges of the autographs and patterns in the ink itself.

I doubled its size so you can get it close.

Ah yes, I see what you mean Steve thank you. I thought it was just the pixelation in the original photo. That does help

I thank you both.

it is offered in two different contexts, and it is stated it’s the sleeve:



Perhaps Steve is familiar with those sites and could give some insight.Carson, I believe Steve's concern is that the sleeve could have been manipulated/reprinted with sigs on them. All I can speak for are the graphs, and either way, I would still advise waiting for a better set. That freddie and the john are both atypical and in this market at the prices queen goes for, there is no reason to buy a set with sloppy or atypical graphs or questionable items imo.

Absolutely agreed. I appreciate your and Steve’s comments very much. No reason to buy such an item.




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