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Anybody had shipping notification? Came out Friday

Not yet. I'm really looking forward with this one

Mine arrived today! No shipping notification 

Mine arrived too, again with no notification! Once again, thanks to you for the original notification. Much appreciated.

Mine too

Are the signed cards sealed inside the CD / in slipcase?


Could you please share pictures of other signed cards? Thank you in advance. 

Loads on eBay 

Must admit, I’m not sure why May used that big fat pen he did :/

Now you see why they do those UK-only promotions for their new releases. Selling 1000 signed bundles with 5 different pressing of the same album in each set (CD + 4 different cassettes) equals to 5000 sold physical units. They are currently approaching close to 10k sold physical copies this week, half of which are coming from those signed bundles, which combined with digital sales / streams shall put them again on #1 in the UK charts. Clever move that many labels now push with struggling physical sales. Surely Brian´s and Roger´s egos will be satisfied and guess it´s worth of them to spend one afternoon signing 1000 CD booklets. Also that clearly explains why those are being offered just to UK customers - as only UK sales (to UK addresses) are eligible for their charts.

I was beginning to worry that I hadn't received my signed CD yet. I have entered the web and my order appears as "Rejected", even though the money was collected.
I do not know what has happened and I have already contacted the web, but the most likely thing is that they do not have extra copies and they can not give me a replacement V_V
I was very excited to have Brian and Roger signed on a Queen CD and it seems like I am left with nothing.
If anyone got an extra copy I would be very grateful if you could write to me.



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