Hello everybody.

I recently started collecting Queen.  I am not going to try and buy it, but being shocked by the level of knowledge of some of you, I'd really like to read your opinions about this item.

Many thanks

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Yes, this one is real. It's been on and off the market for quite some time now. I believe the last owner was out of Russia.

The closer you get to 1991, the more value the item tends to have so I'm sure this piece will move at a high price at some point. It's been sitting on Ebay for a while.

Hope that helps. Best.

Thanks a lot.

yes, in fact it's on ebay right now from a russian seller.

Best to you


It's been on Ebay for a LOOOONG time.  Overpriced or it would've sold already. 

Yes. It should be offered around 2K. The seller doesn't really want to sell. That's my opinion, as he hasn't lowered the price in about a year. 

Thanks again guys.

Since you know the Queen autograph market very well, I'd like to ask you another question. Generally speaking, having collected other kind of autographs before (mainly history), I have always liked "personal" or "official" items more than "fan-aimed" items. As far as Queen are concerned, this means that I would certainly like a personal letter or note or a signed work paper more than even the rarest vinyl or poster signed by the entire band. My question is: of course signed vinyls or posters or photos are more frequent, but does this kind of "personal" items appear at least once in a while on the market, or are they extremely hard to find?  Thanks for your time.

Sorry, I'm only just seeing this question. These kinds of items (from the full band) are rare and happened a handful of times for the fan club or thank you letters to people in the buisness. You'll find more band signed Christmas cards (the originals are rare, and they were mass printed for the fan club) than you will buisness letters fully signed by the band. You may even find more handwritten notes from Freddie, Brian and certainly Roger than you would fully signed (not reprinted) letters. They just weren't done very often at all. 


Thanks a lot.

Infact personal notes handwritten by single band members will certainly be my main interest.

best regards 




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