Last price update was March 13 2019

**Due to the Coronavirus putting folks out of work, the last few items I've seen sold since the outbreak have been sold undervalue. Up to the point of massive layoffs and furloughs, prices have stayed within the range listed below. Because of this, I believe the dip in value to be temporary. If considering selling a Queen related item, I suggest holding off until the world's economy is back on track. In a year's time I do expect prices to be back as they had been. People don't seem to be buying or selling right now, and this low period is to be expected with the current state of events.**

I get asked quite often about about value for fully signed items and individually signed pieces. Im always happy to help but a friend of mine just typed this out and i feel she worded it brilliantly. So heres a breakdown of what you can expect to pay today for Queen items. Keep in mind these prices will jump up in about a year's time thanks to the movie and of course, there are always exceptions to the rules- still, a nice and easy price list for most items. Enjoy

Ok let's do it. Let's talk value. And I dont mean what you personally would pay for things, I mean what the current going rate for each member is based on recent sales around the world. Everyone wants to know about freddie. Alone and on paper (the most basic of autographs) are currently valued at $900-$1,200 for any that arent from the last year of his life. 1991 is valued higher at around around $1,200-1,500. On albums, posters and photos, take those numbers and add 5 to 700 more to each item. Now the living members: John seems to stay around $75-120 for paper and another 50-75 for albums, posters and photos. Roger: about the same, usually a bit less for the same items. Same goes for brian. They sign daily. Multiple times a day. They arent rare. Now for the whole band: a fully signed paper can range from $2.5 to 3K depending on the quality ect. Fully signed albums, poster and photos are now averaging at about 3.5 to 4.5K USD. Innuendo and Mircale items going for more. 4.5K to 6K depending on the item (taking into account a more realistic figure for those 6 and 7K innunedo posters).

Quick guide:

Freddie Mercury (individually):

  • 1970s to 1988 on paper and alone= $900-$1,200 USD.
  • Earlier signatures (from his time in college or boarding school) would be double that.
  • 1989-1991 on paper= $1,200 to 1,500 USD.
  • Posters, albums, and photos= take the average price per year on paper and add another 500-700.

John Deacon (individually): John is retired but does indeed still sign both TTM and in person.

  • Paper= $75-120.
  • Posters, albums and photos, add another 50-75 USD. 

Roger Taylor (individually):

  • paper= $30 to 65.
  • Posters, photos and albums= $55 to 100

Brian May (individually): same a Roger. 

Fully signed items:

  • Paper= 2.5K to 3K USD.
  • Albums, posters and photos= 3.5K to 4.5K USD. 
  • Innunedo and Mircale items (being the last pieces Freddie was around to sign while also not attending promo functions or public events)= 4.5K to 6K [taking taking into account a more realistic figure for those 6 and 7K innunedo posters]

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Hey Simon, no problem. I'd be happy to have a look at them for you and give you a value for the current market. Feel free to shoot me the pics via PM and I'll get back to you as soon as I'm done running errands for the morning. Whatever photos you tried posting here arent showing up for me but I'd prefer if you sent them via private message anyway as there has been a flare up of people tracing Queen graphs and trying sell them using examples theyve found here and on other sites. I usually suggest people dont post pics here unless they're selling.


when I’ve worked out how to do it I’ll send them straightaway

thank you v much 

Looking thru the site Innunedo you seem to be the Queen expert. My dad was given a Freddie as a gift for his retirement 5 years ago and I've always wondered what the value would be and what year it might have been signed. Would you mind if I contact you directly for help? 

I'd be happy to take a look at it for you. It's what I'm here for. Shoot me a photo. I'll check for authenticity, then I can give you a better idea of it's value and a year of signature estimate. All the best

Thank you!

Time to edit this list once again. Recent sales have shown another rise in value. I was shocked the see this flyer from 74/75 successfully go for $5,600. I still don't consider this to be the new average for Queen and Freddie, but having looked at recent prices, the new average has definitely gone up. Will be editing by the end of the hour for those intrested in buying Queen/Fred.

Absolutly bizarre! That’s Beatles money!

And in my opinion, that’s not even a very good set of signatures..

The set was pretty good for the time (70s signatures were not the prettiest imo) but the item it's on is what shocked me as far as the final sale price. A friend of mine described it as "tatty" and I must agree. It had not been properly taken care of over the years and doesn't look to have held up well. This one I did expect to go higher than a full set on plain paper, but 5.6K left me speechless. Again, I don't see that as the new average but after looking at successful sales prices for Freddie and Queen after the Oscars and other movie awards, it's clear prices have gone up.

"...I was shocked the see this flyer from 74/75..." "... A friend of mine described it as "tatty" and I must agree. It had not been properly taken care of over the years and doesn't look to have held up well...."

I don't know about the prices here but - this item was not even intended to survive, was it? This is where I tend to cut slack. It is not a glossy SP so a little different standard with respect to how it should/would appear IMHO. It is amazing it is even around, no? No rips or apparent fading? It's is to me a little like cello tape on some early Beatles sets etc. It just often is. Not the best comparison but you get the idea. This has reasonable contrast, portraits with the band name/logo and no huge losses I can see. I have "throw away" posters meant to be glued to anything all over NYC from 1938 advertising the 1939 NYWF and they are quite desirable in even reasonable condition.

PS - A minor restoration in the crease in Brian's hair would go a LONG way with eye appeal.  

It did have some minor tearing, but nothing serious. I suppose that's true, Eric and it's nearly impossible to find a pristine flyer from 74 signed by all 4 but my point was, even a pristine flyer was not expected to go for that high. We knew prices were again on the rise, but even with the rise I didn't figure it would go above 4K at most. For that price, I would expect this piece to be absolutely flawless and/or include extra inscriptions from the band.

"...For that price, I would expect this piece to be absolutely flawless and/or include extra inscriptions from the band...."

I think perhaps those features would now add a "premium"! As more prices are established post film they should settle down and new norms will be revealed. But norms rarely apply with truly rare material - I have seen things quadruple in value in no time once the sheer impossibility of finding one becomes apparent and there is an influx of collectors to find that out.



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