Any opinions on this anya taylor-joy autograph on a Queen Gambit funko pop? Hoping to get a good deal on one and the price on this one is within my budget.

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Who authenticated it?

These companies don't look very promising. See what others say.

This is from ACOA:

Picture 1 of 2

Anya Taylor-Joy Autographed Signed 8x10 Photo Queen's Gambit Chess ACOA - Picture 2 of 2

Seller has 9 negative feebacks in the last 12 months. You might avoid.

The ACOA 8x10 example above is $150 or Best Offer btw.

Im not a fan of funko pops at all. I have a friend who is absolutely addicted to them and he has lined half of his walls with these things. It looks terrible. I dont get why you would want to walk around your home looking at these blank creatures that only slightly resemble the character depicted.. I asked him what happens when he completely fills every inch of wall space.. He said he didn't think about that, he just collects any new ones he can get his hands on.. He knows its an addiction and at this point, he just feels he's stuck continuing down the road he chose.. Anyways, thats a whole different conversation. Why anyone would want an autograph on a thin sheet of plastic is beyond me.

As for authenticity, people are notoriously forging these items to take advantage of the mostly younger crowd that collects these. My friend is 41 and so far, he's the oldest guy I've seen collecting these.. Autographed Funkos are not really geard towards people who have much knowledge on autographs in general. Its best to completely stay away unless purchased from an official reseller or from the celebrity directly. 

Rant over. These things make me angry everytime I see them lol.. as for authenticity, I say its forged

Agreed 100%, a fad item of unknown stability re ink and plastic. I don't see any real future for these things. Certainly not quality as I understand it. Click for full image:

Also, these things allow light to hit the autograph from both sides...

Thats a really great point as well. Light from both sides will make these fade in no time..

I have 2 items in my collection signed on plastic. One being a Simon Webbe cd where he signed the jewel case, not the booklet. Im stuck with that one but the signature was free. Also one I purchased intentionally. A Jamie Lee Curtis full signature I scored for about $20 to try and save. Someone had her sign a toy packaging and became sick of the toy being sealed. He sold off the plastic.. I want to try and incorporate it into a Halloween display with a signed knife and lots of fake blood dripping on to the plastic around the signature and potentially hide some of the cut lines. Ill eventually get to it but for now, it lives in a binder placed over a temporary photo I printed out. For $20, I believe it was worth a try. Nice little project for the future.

I would never pay full price for a signature on thin plastic and these pops go for ridiculous prices sometimes. Mass produced little items where scarcity is controlled by the manufacturer.. its like owning a baseball card where every player pictured is actually a marshmallow wearing a hat and jersey with the players number. Would you buy a baseball card of a marshmallow man pretending to be Babe Ruth? Would you buy it if I told you there were only 50 made? Starting to beat a dead horse at this point. I think I pissed of the Funko fanboys enough. 

This one Eric shared is worth taking a look at, Caleb. I recognize it from the seller from whom I purchased my own signed photo of ATJ from. He has lots of signing videos on his YouTube channel, under the name "GTV Reality". Here's the proof photo he sent me of my photo (and presumably this one here) being signed.

That "proof photo" proves nothing. The signed item cannot be seen.

For what's it's worth, that's fair. Although I'm thinking the photo on top that is most clearly visible is the one you shared above. 



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