Hi all, I recently purchased a Ramones Leave home inner sleeve signed by all, Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee & Tommy. I would like to know if they seem real or not. here is what I was told about when the signatures were made:

Joey & Johnny back at 28.January.1996 in Berlin/Germany
Dee Dee back at 29.April.2000 in Berlin/Germany
Tommy Ramone back at 2.November.2006 in New York City/USA

I would appreciate any feedback you can give me.

PD: I have attached a closeup picture for each of the signatures below.

Thank you!

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The Johnny and Joey signatures do not look good to me, so I have to assume all four signatures are not right.

Thank you Richard!

I have just found 2 more Ramones signed records from the same ebay seller with same signatures style and described to be signed at the same date and place as mine ... you reckon these are all fake?

I don't like any of these neither.

Thank you Richard, you have been of much help! 

i did some work later on with joey and johnny in the 90s.i had a roll at one point of signed promo posters .

they dont look right

a little smudge but this is johnny and tommy and real

Hi John,

Thanks for your post, Johnny's "h" and "r" do look different, but then again I have seen many others pretty similar to mine, it is very hard to determine if they are real or not.

I also had a chat with the seller yesterday and he was very confident these were real, he said he got these from a very reliable source who got the signatures himself and even mentioned that if I wasn't happy I could return it and get my money back at anytime... at least this is a good thing!

Joey's signature is the one I find the most different from the ones I've seen.

Thanks again!

as i said i used too have a ton of there sigs from work. i dont anymore and what i have is in perment storage,sorrry

why dont u send for a quick  approval from the fake tpas if that will tip u one way or another.thats my only suggestion . good luck

what do they want for each may i ask

 approval from the fake tpas? sorry I dont understand

if your concerned have one of the so called Authenticators for 15$ give a look 

That is a quick opinion or the like, not the same as a full authentication. You will be expected to identify live ink, rule out copies, preprints, facsimiles etc.

Many folks don't seem to know this.

sounds like a good idea and not expensive at all, I wouldn't want to spend more than what I payed for it.



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