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You Me At Six Truth Decay Signed CD + Cassette

You Me At Six - Truth Decay - You Me At Six - Truth Decay Signed CD...
$17.00 (other bundles avail) Release Date: 10/02/2023

This multi buy includes Truth Decay CD Album Signed, Truth Decay Cassette

You Me At Six return with their 8th album, Truth Decay - a proud homage to the band's peers and influences.

Recorded in Santorini and continuing You Me At Six's now long term creative partnership with producer Dan Austin (Biffy Clyro, Massive Attack, Pixies), Truth Decay sees the band return to their roots, and cement themselves as masters of their genre.

SteelHeart 30th Anniversary Album - CD - SIGNED

lmfao that ipad

What a weird collection of devices in that crowd in general. Half expect a late 80s JVC camcorder and a PSP in there somewhere.

Another rapper I never heard of but he seems to have a decent following, I'm thinking about getting the 3 signed cd bundle with the alternate covers. 3 for $25 isn't bad


Is that kip from napoleon dynomite movie?


I'm too busy chatting online with babes to answer that. 

(Funny side note, my spell check changed babes to babies, good thing I looked before I hit add reply, or that would have been a really weird post lol).

Naww, he is a cage fighter now ;-)

FYI, Prof is pretty well known in the Upper Midwest (at least), 

usually sells out his Minneapolis shows and was part of the Rhymesayers label: 

Jacob "Jake" Anderson, better known by his stage name Prof, is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He released his first full-length album, Project Gampo, in 2007 and has since released five additional albums and three EPs

Prof (rapper) - Wikipedia


SuRie - Building A Woman - CD * PRE-ORDER * CD - Signed by SuRie


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