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Hi Courtney, feel free to add an image of the autograph here. Maybe someone will see it here and help. Here is a video on how to post images if you want to take a look!


Hi Courtney, welcome to Autograph Live.

I'm not an expert on Dale Earnhardt, but I've learned enough here to say that I think you're signed tire is real! I'd be surprised if it wasn't.

Let's see what others say.

Hi Courtney,

I have owned a few pieces from Dale over the years.  The three below are really good for comparison.  I have never seen him end the e in Dale like the one on the tire.  That e should always end as flat or as an upstroke.  Notice how the tire signature carries down into the Big E.  Even for a stacked signature it doesn’t look correct to me.  Just my opinion.

Thanks, Brian. You may be right, but the signature has so much of what I’ve seen in a quick Earnhardt on a tire.

When I have a chance I’ll find a few. 

Thank you both for the input! I’ve tried asking a former NASCAR official but he told me if I didn’t have a picture of Dale signing it I wouldn’t be able to prove it’s real...

Your welcome.. I also wanted to share this previous link on a tire discussion from a few years ago.  I believe Brandon gave thoughts on that tire.  Maybe try sending Brandon a message on this site.



Brandon isn't a member here any longer. Do you see the actual tire, Brian? The link for the discussion goes to a different one.

This is the one that showed in the link




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