what are your thoughts about photos that have removed inscriptions? is it a big deal? does it bother you if you can still see that the photo was made out To Joe? would you rather have a photo with the inscription still on over one that's been removed? 

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I'm in the minority. I prefer dedications, personalizations and dates. They provide a whole other dimension to the peice and allow it is be placed in time and perhaps location - another quality to me and sometimes a help in authentication as well. Sometimes added value with some looking. More is simply more as I have said before. I actively avoid anything altered or items that have had things removed. I buy things as I want them. Leave the other stuff for he who wants it is my thinking. Why I would erase the words written by the celebrity I see is another story.

Lets look at two signed photographs  - equal but for one being signed "Gloria Swanson" and another signed "To Edward Wills from Gloria Swanson "Sunset Boulevard 1949" - which did I purchase? :)

Or a signed album page - "Vivien Leigh" or "To Jane Vivien Leigh Dec. 1949" (Streetcar)?

you could remove more than you really want and that could give more problems at the end ''i think when you have a item of high value such as ''laurel and hardy'' than the chance of dedication is very high and never be a problem because it's a extra to the item. 

+1 no one seems to complain when it is a big ticket item. Says a lot.

i couldn’t agree more. give me a graph with a personalization over just a signature any day. and it helps you determine if it’s legit a lot of the time to match the handwriting better in my opinion. the artist took the time usually to personalize it rather than another scribble!! one more on the side or personalizations for us in the minority my friend! 

I don't like personalizations, but would never remove one (for obvious reasons). And, as stated...if you have a Babe Ruth signed photo where he made it out to someone -- that goes A LONG WAY to proving it's not a forgery. Nobody would forge and risk writing MORE in their hand, and making an item that's less desired (as it's inscribed).

aggreed on old vintage stuff but modern stuff no way ii dont want and will decrease the value 

but i get everything made out to eric so i can upsell  when they ask  my name  if i have no choice .lol

if u cant see it fine .its worth more without pesonilation. if u can still see it i down grades the value. feel frre to post the image for better opinions

ps when ur dead it will be sold and ur kids will be pissed if its personiziled when they relize they will get up to 50% less for the majority of the itiems

My advice is to leave the autograph alone. If it's personalized it should stay that way.



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