‘can anyone give me an opinion of a dealer by the name of University Archives? I have a Lincoln note and signature that may be a forgery and was going to have them authenticate it, any thoughts or opinions?

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How about contacting a local reporter or  a consumer rights campaigner?  that is a serious amount of money to lose and all the names you mention are well known in the fake autograph market.  

Great advice, except for one major underlying problem. It’s my word against his. His claim is that it was forensically examined and certified as genuine. We all all know that’s a joke but in front of a lawyer, judge or correspondent, how do I prove that that COA is in fact a scam? It’s all opinion based on both sides, the dealer as well as the authenticators….where does that leave the consumer? 
That is perhaps one of my biggest concerns/dissatisfaction, it’s all opinion, so who’s opinion can you trust and who’s opinion can you challenge?

In UK its a bit different  but my bet is that none of these s...ts will want the bad publicity and if a group of  you all are saying the same thing,  ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


It's not your word against his. It's a matter of showing, with evidence and testimony, that it's more likely not real than real. And for John Brett to use the forensic report as evidence of authenticity he will have to bring Christopher Morales to testify. Just like you'll have to bring your expert or experts in. 

And it's not only opinion. There are often identifiable facts involved, too. If the paper it's written on didn't exist when the note was supposedly written, that's generally a slam-dunk.

This is yours:

These are examples of Lincoln notes and letters from when he was in office, except for the last one. I got the from the Shapell Manuscript Foundation, University Archives, and Nate Sanders, all reliable sources:

This one is from 1860, which is an example of paper he used right before he went into office:

Do any of these look like the paper your is on? And why is the writing so much sharper on them than yours?

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those two certs almost guarantee that its a forgery



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