Hi everyone! Just some days ago I received a Ringo signed poster what received pretty bad feedback in some forums I showed. Indeed, there were clear signs that there was something wrong in the natural way of writing.Specially with the "g" of Ringo and the "L" from Love. I attached pictures of the analysis that was already made

I ask for your help now as the supplier has provided me with these 3 other examples and while they don't show the specific bad signs I found in the previous ones, I'm definitely not an expert on Ringo Starr autograph. I've numbered them 1 to 3 so you are easily able to tell what you think of each of them.

I thank you all in advance for your sincerity.

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I do not like the Ringo autograph. I think it's fake.

In all these 3? Thanks for your opinion!


theses three Ringo's are fine.  I see a lot of issues with the one on the poster.

Looks ok to me!

Thanks for your opinion Paul!

I moved this discussion to the Beatles forum where you’ll get more opinions. 

All three look good to me.

Ballroom, this is the one Julio purchased in case you didn't see it.

Not mine that one but pretty similar. Mine is the one at the top of first pictures (with the number analysis of G written after O)

I agree with Ballroom and Paul, that yours is real, although the G is slightly since they're mostly straight or curve right.

Julio, notice that the "i" of yours and most of the others called real isn't angled to the right as much as the "n". That's a common characteristic to look for. The slightly concave 2nd hump of the "n" is also a common characteristic. The posters are sitdown signatures too, which can have slightly different characteristics, but will still have most of the common ones.

When were these signed?

Thanks for this details. The "i" detail is very interesting although a bit more difficult for me to see it in all the examples. I understand that it is something more subtle

These are supposed to have been signed in 2020 but didn't get an exact date.



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