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Funny how they think using multiple autopen colors will trick us! 

I don't think that is relevant now. I would not think that would help. The connection between book and signature has been hacked off. If I chopped that I'd have at least saved a good quality of the thing pre-op and a photo or two to show it in the book.

This is a serious topic for me because considering buying a Rihanna book with a beauktful black page and gold ink, and I want them to cut it out for me so they see its authentic so I don’t get surprised 1 month later.. sucks that I gotta do that but I’d rather it not come back not authentic lol

If they do the authentication and even the cutting what part do you play other than paying shipping and fees? I'm seriously curious. There is no better pleasure than knowing it is authentic from your own in depth research, and learning the signing habits and what is good and what is superb and all the rest about your subject. I've seen people buy music pre-order of bands they've never heard, or buying film stars when they've never seen a single film by said star. I don't understand it.

Thanks Dobby - I love it. Always wanted a Lugosi.

do you guys know if psa/Beckett quick opinion approval means it’ll pass 100%? Or what would be the likely hood %?

For what it's worth I did a Beckett quick opinion on a Kirby Puckett baseball that came back likely to pass authentication BUT I have a friend here in Denver who has JSA in store every few months and they authenticated it. I never mentioned the BAS qo. Was quicker and easier than sending it..even though the qo was $10.

I don’t mind the 10 bucks honestly. But thanks. Definitely better to pay the 10 bucks before buying a 500+ dollar item and having peace of mind 

the heavy lifting is done basically 


In no way is that a guaranatee. For one thing what would the point be of a full coa if the qo was total? You can't sell here based on a qo. QO opinions is rendered in about 30 seocons or so. My service is open but I don't do Beatles.

So a quick opinion could fail but sending it in could pass?

Yes, or the opposite. Don't spend money on services you don't understand IMO.

Thanks for that explaination 



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