Hello all,

Would greatly appreciate anybody in the know to take a peek at my Ray Manzarek autograph.

Many thanks.

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I'm no expert like some folks here, but this looks very, very similar to one Ray signed for me in person 20 years ago when he did his book tour.

Hi Christopher.

That's very reasuring to hear. I've tried visually comparing this to others that i've seen online, and it seems good. But i'm no expert. I bought this through Golden State Autographs almost 10 years ago. As my name is the same as the dedication i felt it was meant to be.

What was it like to meet Ray? He always seemed like a very upbeat and happy chap.


This definitely looks good to me.

That's great news. Thanks for taking the time to take a look BallroomDays.

I've finally posted something authentic and it's a Ray Manzarek!

looks like all of mine and i have over 100

Many thanks, John. Confidence restored!
Totally fine!
Brilliant. Time to give it the justice it deserves and display it...if the missus lets me!


This is without question authentic and a nice example...

Many thanks, JackGotLucky. Your time and opinions are greatly appreciated.

It's definitely good. I've gotten him many times. And..it's one of his later ones, where he shortened his last name (and liked to personalize more).

And I've bought a lot from Golden State years ago, and they were all good ones, too.

The Doors are my favorite band, so...I know Ray signatures.

He always told great stories, but it always seemed like I was pulling teeth getting the stories out of him. I have some fun Ray stories I'll share in a blog sometime.

Hi Josh.

Wow, lots of great information there - thanks! I've got lots to learn in the world of autograph collecting, and there's no doubt that i've come to the right place to hopefully learn a thing or two.

I'm new to this site but i've been reading your blogs with huge interest. Really funny stuff. Looking forward to reading your future posts.

I'm a massive Doors fan myself, infact, i was listening to LA Woman on my way to work this morning. An amazing album.

Many thanks for your reply - very much appreciated.

Be well!



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