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Rock and Roll Collection Concerns [Title revised by moderator]

I see this site brought up a lot on this site for autograph references.


problem is, who ever this Stephan is he has a load of forgeries up here too. I get messages from people from time to time saying he has offered to sell a member here an item or two and it is never the real stuff imo, it is usually the fake stuff. Greed. He wants money but doesn't want to part with the good stuff.

Eagles are his most famous work. Attached is a screen shot of his fake work (not limited too). Notice how they are the same..... duh. If you look through his stuff he has loads of fake Zeppelin, Beatles, Springsteen, Stones, Floyd and more. Even the so called authentic Traveling Wilbury's is not real. Maybe the George and Petty are ok but 100% not the Lynne and I'm pretty sure the Dylan is bogus also. Anyway, I don't wish to debat about this guy and his ethics but if you are using him a reference be careful and I wouldn't buy anything from the guy either.

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So Justin you mentioned Epperson agreed with you on Duncuns items being fake.
What ones were they?

no no no. That's not what I said. I said I have shown him some other forging patterns in the past and he agreed. David Bowie was one I rooted out recently. I have no shown him this yet.

At least everyone is putting some examples together now.

Thank you terrier. A little bit of perspective goes a long way towards making a point.

Terrier, while these CD's are real. Because he sat down and signed 200 of them or what ever these aren't the best example of how his signs in person like leaving a hotel or out of a car window or whatever. These are nice but lack the in person spontaneous flare wouldn't you agree? But they do show some things we like like to see. Nice job even getting one of these.

Here's some authentic ones if that helps

Thanks Mike, not only does it help me, but it will help everyone here not familiar with Henley's graph.  

I don't like the top left sig. I could only believe this is genuine if it came with rock solid photo proof.

Authentic Harrison Ford autographs:

Mr. Duncan's Harrison Ford autograph:

Mike T, that is awesome. thanks for posting these Ford autographs.

Thank Pete, I just put them here so everyone can see how obvious it is.


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