Hi All,

It was an excellent and superb show! Anyone else go?

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No one else went?

A friend at work told me today that he attended with his son.  He said that it was amazing.  Also, I finally purchased four autographs that I have been meaning to purchase for a very long time.

Thanks. I saw a LOT of happy dads and sons together. All things considered I think it may have eclipsed US & THEM by a decent margin.

Those pictures are very cool.

Thanks Mike! I took a bunch. Haven't got to the really good ones yet.

Here are some more Mike - click top and bottom:

So cool.  I am glad that you enjoyed it as much as my friend did.  Also, can you guess a favorite television show that we both share in common?  I am very excited about the four autographs that I finally purchased.

Ho ho would l like to guess....Why should I put my weight on a PSA submission form?

And worse, you used MY idea!

Ha!  Ironically, I am debating whether or not to crack three of them out of their PSA holders.  The Art Carney, Audrey Meadows and Joyce Randolph autographs are all on index cards and encapsulated.  If I decide to keep them encapsulated, I am likely to have them reholdered.  Yes, I have that unfortunate personality.  The Jackie Gleason autograph is on a signed contract from 1946.  I will keep you posted when I eventually decide on a display.  Send me a private message if you want to offer some suggestions.  Sorry, I did not intend to hijack your Roger Waters discussion.

Hijack pal? Heh. Are you kidding? I wouldn't throw this conversation out on a night like this!

Looks fantastic! Dave Kilminster does a fantastic job on guitar. 


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