Hello!  This is a Pink Floyd LP signed by Roger Waters I am contemplating on buying.  I just would like opinions on authenticity, thank you.

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I've gone back and forth on this one a bit to be honest. The o and g and its transition bother me. The formation of the last name also bothers me.

However, after looking at it again - in totality, I would lean authentic, however, not something I would want in my collection.

The OG is a bit neat, but it is really not superneat if I look closely.
This wasn't a seller that had a bunch of fake items, that is something I remember. He had some signed items but not that much, and they looked good. It wasn't a cheap one too.
My gut also still says it would be a very "weird" forgery, and in real it just looks too smooth to be forged.

I see enough good to outweigh bad. I am guilty at times for being over analytical, but I think this one is fine. It has the majority of points I look for. I don't place too much weight on seller as I firmly believe ink doesn't lie, but should be a consideration into total perspective.

It's gotta look as it should.  Sweet Rhapsody. 

 "...I firmly believe ink doesn't lie..."

Come on now, that  is hysterical. You know it. I don't want to get into this. 


Since Eric keeps wanting to hold this over my mind whenever he has the chance, I'll state it here now - I accidently sold him a preprinted signature. I did not look to see before I sent him it and that was my mistake. Once we confirmed it was indeed a preprint, I immediately refunded him and it was settled. End of story.

I stand behind everything I have said so far in this thread. Take it for what you want - its my opinion as an educated Floyd collector.


"We " did not confirm anything. You were educated. I said, I do NOT want to get into this.

I had no intention of ever mentioning this. Why you have is unclear to me and that is OK. Yes, you got in first, what end...if I show scans... Wot's...uh the deal?

I know you know I don't give a XXXX.

Really, let's not. Really. 

Best wishes,


"...I am guilty at times for being over analytical..."

Really. I seriously suggest we drop this NOW.

Steffman - what's your opinion on this one?
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