I would like to hear your opinions on these three examples Roger's signature that are different from the typical. I happen to own one and the other two I've found in my searches. Only a few seem to think that these are genuine. Even the TPA seem to not like them. What do you think?

Example 1.

Example 2.

Example 3.

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Not sure if you want my opinion again, but imo all three examples are 100% real

Actually, one of the others is on the market. Would love to own it although wondering why so many question these signatures.

Thanks, Seamus. I guess I brought this up to get more recognition on this particular style of Roger's signature. There must not be a lot to them out there. And, compared to his usual rushed signatures, I would consider them prized.

But, it seems that Epperson, PSA, and, I would assume, JSA since Roger is one of their authenticators will not verify them as such. I would try Beckett although I am gun shy at this point.

Virtually all of them I can dig around and find seem to be from the 90's era. Would that be correct?

why wouldn't they authenticate them as legit ?

There are alot older sigs from the 60's to 90's that they deem good. They are just not as common. Roger Waters is a signing maniac. His newer sigs are plastered all over, I can barely look at his sig anymore haha

Can't say what is in anyone else's mind. Just stating what happened. TPAs have a huge influence in the hobby currently. Advanced collectors may not like them although a big percentage of the hobby take their opinion as the gospel.

all 3 have already been deemed fake by one or more of those authenticators?

Am I understanding you correctly?

Not all three. Just the one I possess. One other is currently on the market without any documentation. And the other I simply have had on file as a reference. When I first posted mine here quite awhile ago, only one member rendered a "thumbs up" on mine. That was/is Seamus who is the best on Floyd signatures I know. I believe it is genuine as well although it seems like, because these signatures are so different than commonly seen, that collectors seem wary of them. Say it ain't so Joe!! But it tis!

here's my honest opinion.

I looked at them b4 Seamus commented and they looked good to me overall. They do fit his hand style imo. BUT.... I do NOT have the experience that Seamus has and I consult him on every Floyd sig before making a move. 

That being said, I would feel comfortable to have them in my possession but selling might be a problem, as Im sure you know already. 

I agree. I guess that's why I bring these signatures up from time to time. Awareness that these are legitimate is a good thing. Just my opinion, but I like these much more than his typical rushed graphs.

Roger signed very differently in the 80s and 90s using a couple different styles and formations. In the last 10-15 years, we've seen the typical overhanded style signature - the one that's flooded eBay. In this typical style, Roger's grabs the pen with his hand above the pen which produces his large vertical strokes - this results in the abundance of tails shown in each of his latters - similar to a Michael Jackson signature. It was typical for Roger in the 80s and 90s to sign underhanded - hand below pen mark - when he tried to sign neater/fuller. Regardless of how he signed, I can still spot several consistencies in both styles which I translate to an authentic signature - each of these 3 have it - regardless of what a TPA may say.

Thanks for sharing you wealth of knowledge on Roger's signatures with us, Seamus. Would like to eventually find one of these fuller signatures that also has a TPA COA attached to it.

100% spot on Seamus!

The top one was in the Pink Floyd gallery exhibition at the RRHOF and was written on the wall. The Hitch Hiking signature was signed in a non-pressure situation. The third example is very typical of his unrushed, contract/letter signatures.


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