goodevening all,

A good friend past away lately and as I was his friend in loving the Stones for all our lifes, some stuff came up to me...


I don;t have a clue of autographs, so I wanted to know if this are real ones, or not?

thanks for watching!

Greets, Okkie

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Hello Okkie,

I'm very sorry about your friend. Bits of paper come and go - people...well.

The scans - first is upside down and the others - you might need better images for better responses. There are several good here with these signatures and I expect you will hear from them soon (it is saturday night).

Best wishes,


thank you Eric, I miss the guy...

I will make some more photo's by daylight , maybe that works out better 

thanks for kind respons!

have a good sleep

Thank you. Don't pull the pics already up - add more. They all will have some use. 

the ones i can partially see look ok but its difficult to tell from those shots

thank you for looking, I did add some new photo's...maybe they are better to see?

new photo's

I hope the Brian Jones is a real one...


Still not clear enough the photo's?
Dont know how to get them better...

Here is a Better Picture for those who want to respond.

Hi Timothy,

Do you have access to a semi-decent scanner? A flat-on scan, with no auto-adjust on, of proper exposure (almost white brights, almost black darks - full range), will yield the best results I think.

Best wishes,

Hi Okkie

Brian Jones has signed on this with a blue sharpie. Whilst there were "felt tip pens" pre 1969, they faded very heavily over the years (even if kept in files or drawers). I'm sorry but to me none of these look genuine at all, the Mick Jagger is poor as is the Keith Richards. Bill Wyman's best wishes handwriting has never been like that over 50 years (neither is the B for Bill) and the Charlie Boy is a very poor attempt. Sorry...

Yeah, the presentation seems off to me from form to ink, color and apparent age of said - with the photo itself. A wild guess might suggest placements are strange as well.  

well, I'm sorry to hear that..but is what it is...

anyway: thanks for looking, it was from such a Stonelover, that I really thought it had to be real...




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